How to Activate NOUN Student Email (Login, Reset Password)


How to Activate NOUN Student Email. The information on this page will walk you through the steps of activating and accessing your NOUN student email. Even if you forgot your password, this guide is for you.

Navigating your NOUN student email can be tricky. This comprehensive guide simplifies the process with clear instructions on setting up, logging in, and resetting passwords. Stay connected and informed with your NOUN student email!

Introduction: How to Activate NOUN Student Email.

As a NOUN student, staying connected with the university is crucial for academic success. Your official NOUN email address is your key to accessing important announcements, course materials, and communication with faculty and fellow students. However navigating email setup, logins, and password resets can be confusing.


Fear not, fellow NOUNites! This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to master your NOUN student email and stay on top of your academic journey.


Configuring Your NOUN Email:

  1. Locate your email address: Your NOUN email address follows the format [matriculation number] You can find your matriculation number on your admission letter or student portal.
  2. Access your email: Head to Gmail ( and enter your NOUN student email address.
  3. Default password: Your initial password is your matriculation number in lowercase letters.
  4. Change your password: After logging in, you’ll be prompted to set a new, secure password. Choose a strong combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Accessing Your NOUN Student Email:

  1. Go to Gmail: Navigate to
  2. Enter your credentials: Enter your NOUN student email address and your chosen password.
  3. Access your inbox: You’ll now have full access to your NOUN email inbox, sent messages, drafts, and other folders.

Resetting Your NOUN Email Password:

  1. Forgot your password? Don’t fret! Go to the Gmail login page ( and click “Forgot Password?”
  2. Enter your email address: Provide your NOUN email address or matriculation number.
  3. Choose password recovery method: Select either email or SMS to receive a reset link or code.
  4. Follow the instructions: Check your chosen method for a link or code and follow the prompts to set a new password.

If this doesn’t work for you or your NOUN student email is yet to be activated, then I will recommend you do the following.

If your email address is yet to be activated, this is for you.

There are three options to help you.

  1. Send an email with the email address you used to register for NOUN. Support will assist you. Send an email to or (I recommend this because it works most of the time.)
  2. Visit the NOUN support portal then create a ticket. It should be attended to.
  3. Go to your study centre’s ICT unit to complain to them. They can assist you too.

Please always ask questions via the comments on any article on this site. I’ll be prompt to respond to your queries.


Additional Tips:

  • Update your contact information: Ensure your phone number and email address on the NOUN portal are accurate to receive password reset notifications.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: For extra security, consider enabling two-factor authentication for your NOUN email. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a code sent to your phone alongside your password for login.
  • Check spam folder: Important emails might occasionally land in your spam folder. Be sure to check it regularly to avoid missing crucial messages.

Conclusion: How to Activate NOUN Student Email.

With this guide, conquering your NOUN email is a breeze! Remember, staying connected is key to your academic success. So, configure your email, log in confidently, and master the art of password resets. You’ll be receiving important updates and communicating with the NOUN community in no time!

Important Information:


  • This guide is based on information available as of December 27, 2023. Please note that the NOUN portal and email system may undergo updates, so be sure to check the official website for any changes.
  • For further assistance or troubleshooting, contact the NOUN IT Helpdesk through the official portal or their dedicated email address as mentioned above.


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